"Robust synthesis of control laws for autonomous robots" by Dominique Monnet

PRASYS seminar at ENSTA Bretagne on April 4th, 10:00

On this mid-term defense, Dominique Monnet, Ph.D. student, will present his research work about "Robust synthesis of control laws for autonomous robots" ("Synthèse de lois de commandes robustes pour robots autonomes").

Seminar about UAV, by Luis Mejias Alvarez

28th of march, 4:00 PM at amphithéatre pôle numérique Bouguen, UBO, Brest.

 We are pleased to welcome Luis Mejias Alvarez from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Luis Mejias Alvarez is an expert on UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) and he is currently visiting Lab-STICC.He will give a seminar about h...

Assistant Professor Position at IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique opens an Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics and Signal Processing in the Signal & Communications Department (Brest campus) and in the TOMS team of Lab-STICC.


Scientific tools for environmental noise assessment

Through the website, the DECIDE team from Lab-STICC and the Laboratory of Environmental Acoustics from IFSTTAR join their forces to organize and share new research tools for environmental noise assessment. Years ofscienti...

New journal announcement

Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms

Prof. Marc Sevaux is pleased to announce the creation of a new Springer Journal: the Journal on Vehicle Routing Algorithms (JVRA).

Francesco P. Andriulli is awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant

Francesco P. Andriulli, co-responsible of the team PIM, has received a grant of two million euros over five years to further advance his investigations in the field of computational electromagnetics.


Imagine tomorrow's smart city

Télécom Bretagne (associated with Lab-STICC) and Mines Nantes combine their efforts and know-how within the European H2020 project mySmartLife on smart cities.

Lab-STICC supports the Decision Deck effort

The Lab-STICC laboratory now officially supports the diviz initiative of the consortium of European researchers "Decision Deck".

Prof. Christian Brosseau recieved the GG Stokes Award

SPIE, the International Society for Optics and Photonics

Prof. Christian Brosseau (Lab-STICC/MOIM/MF) is the 2017 recipient of the G.G. Stokes Award in recognition of his contributions on optical polarization.
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